Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A little bit more Batman: Black and White

When I was asked to write and draw a Batman: Black and White story for the new series, being published from this September, there was only one stipulation - that I approach it in my "European style" and not the recent pencil method I'd implemented on my Batman: Death by Design (did I mention it's now a New York Times best seller...twice?!). Fair enough thought I, knowing what was meant by the comment. What was meant was "do your best Moebius"! Well, I haven't hidden the fact that Jean Moebius Giraud has had an enormous affect on me and my work, that's widely known, but I didn't want to do another homage to the master, I wanted this to be purely my own work, with maybe a nod to the great man, out of respect. If it comes out looking like "another Moebius rip off", as a certain highly respected DC guru once said of my Tongue Lash books, then so be it. I can live with that. What I'm hoping is that folk see me doing my best work, with no limitations in story or art. We'll have to wait and see.


M. DeLeRee said...

Nice preview. Thanks. Gonna be a helluva story I can tell.

D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers M! I hope so!!

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